Sunday, December 8, 2013


I learned a nasty lesson about not saving blog posts. I talk to myself sometimes.. Let me just check a reference really quick here, won't be more than a minute..  and kabam! ..What just happened?!..

This means I should go to bed and do the quickest recap of lesson planning serendipity that I can muster. It's all about having key points to guide your plan and then having everything thoughtfully tie in. Easy, right? Especially if you remember to tie it to authentic stories and then immerse your students in that world. It's pretty neat how unrelated thoughts and ideas over the course of days fuse together to make meaningful, experiential lesson plans. Appeal to the senses and to the learning types and let the magic happen!  ..··~~~*~~.·.·.·**


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I grew up an air-force brat, on bases and off bases, statewide and on foreign soil. Having lived in both Japan and Los Angeles (Little Mexico!), I have a love for both the Latin and Asian communities. But above all that lies a commitment to God, marriage, and family as the backbone of society. And with that, let the crazy, cultural mash-up begin..