Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Downtown Playgroup: Seasons, Weather, Tactile Adjectives

We've had three get togethers as of today and we've talked about the seasons fall and winter, weather, and learned some tactile adjectives.

las hojas - leaves
el otoño- fall
el invierno - winter
la lluvia - rain
el viento - wind
el sol - sun
la nieve - snow
la tormenta - storm

1. We crumpled up squares of tissue paper in red and yellow to represent las hojas and in white to represent la nieve and we threw them around the room and blew them around just like el viento does.

2.We made a tormenta with a spray bottle of water as la lluvia, the metal sheet from the front of my dishwasher to shake for trueno (thunder) and a cardboard representation of a nube (cloud) to wave to make viento. We also turned the lights off and on to represent relámpago (lightning).

3. We took a big floppy teddy bear and dressed him with appropriate clothes for un día soleado (sunny day), de nieve (a snowy day) y de lluvia (and a rainy day). The clothing they chose from: sun hat, swim shorts, surf shirt, snow suit, scarf, rain jacket and an umbrella

Cae la Lluvia Alrededor
Este Era un Mono
Palomitas de maíz

Tactile Adjectives:
frío - cold
liso - smooth
áspero - rough
suave - soft
duro - hard

1. I brought a bin of dress up clothes and while the kids put on dress up items we talked about the different textures. There was a vest to dress up like a lion that was suave and a straw hat that was áspero. They also played with a helmet that was duro and also liso.

2. We set up a learning table where the kids touched ice cubes that were frío and rocks that were either liso or áspero. There was also sandpaper for the kids to touch.

3. We went around the room describing things we saw and, among other things, found a couch that was suave and a table that was liso and duro.

I made this one up and sung it to a tune that was familiar to me. You could pick any tune that is familiar to you.

Suave, suave, como el gato
Duro, armadillo
Liso, liso, como uvas
Áspero, piña


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